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Site(s) run Discourse DB, Referata, Semantic MediaWiki Community Wiki
Role(s) SMW user, SMW administrator, Implementor of SMW on others' wikis, SMW developer
Homepage http://yaronkoren.com
Blog URL http://yaronkoren.com/blog
Email address yaron57@gmail.com
IM information
City New York
State New York
Country USA
Facts about "Yaron Koren"RDF feed
Has blog URLhttp://yaronkoren.com/blog +
Has cityNew York +
Has coordinates40° 47' 36" N, 73° 58' 22" WLatitude: 40.7934249353
Longitude: -73.9726746082
Has countryUSA +
Has email addressyaron57@gmail.com +
Has roleSMW user +, SMW administrator +, Implementor of SMW on others' wikis + and SMW developer +
Has stateNew York +
Has websitehttp://yaronkoren.com +