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Site is publicly viewable? Yes
Administrator(s) Josef Noll
Type(s) of data Community management, Science, Technology, Education
Language(s) English, Norwegian
Semantic extensions used Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Forms, Semantic Forms Inputs, Semantic Drilldown
Other notable extensions used
Status Defunct

The Center for Wireless Innovation (CWI Norway) is a research cooperation between seven Norwegian Universities and University colleagues, including the universities of Oslo, Trondheim, Agder and Stavanger (UiO, NTNU, UiA, UiS), the University Colleges in Bergen and Telemark (HiB, HiT) and the University Graduate Center at Kjeller (UNIK). CWI Norway acts as a single-point-of-contact towards the industry, and has established common research and education amongst the academic partners.

The CWI Norway wiki acts as a knowledge collaboration platform between the Universities and the associated industries.