Emergent Neural Network Simulation System

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Site is publicly viewable? Yes
URL http://grey.colorado.edu/emergent
Administrator(s) Brian Mingus
Type(s) of data Science, Technology, Education
Language(s) English
Semantic extensions used Semantic Forms, Data Transfer
Other notable extensions used
Status Active

EmergentTM (a major rewrite of PDP++) is a comprehensive simulation environment for creating complex, sophisticated models of the brain and cognitive processes using neural network models. These same networks can also be used for all kinds of other more pragmatic tasks, like predicting the stock market or analyzing data. It includes a full GUI environment for constructing networks and the input/output patterns for the networks to process, and many different analysis tools for understanding what the networks are doing. It has a new tabbed-browser style interface with full 3D graphics (via OpenGL and Open Inventor/Coin3D), and powerful new GUI programming tools and data processing and analysis capabilities.