Jon Monday

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Site(s) run ShelterCrisis
Role(s) SMW user, SMW administrator, Implementor of SMW on others' wikis
Blog URL
Email address
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City London
State Essex
Country United Kingdom

ShelterCrisis is a SMW to provide transactional analysis across UK housing and homelessness whilst also providing a basic 'open sourced' Services Directory for thse in need of it.

Facts about "Jon Monday"RDF feed
Has cityLondon +
Has coordinates51° 33' 25" N, 0° 14' 58" ELatitude: 51.5569899
Longitude: 0.2495303
Has countryUnited Kingdom +
Has email +
Has roleSMW user +, SMW administrator + and Implementor of SMW on others' wikis +
Has stateEssex +
Has website +