Misty De Meo

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Site(s) run Our Brant
Role(s) SMW administrator
Homepage http://ourbrant.wikia.com/wiki/Our_Brant
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City Paris
State Ontario
Country Canada

I was the Digitization Assistant for the County of Brant Public Library. My role was to operate the Library's digital history projects. The SMW-based one is Our Brant, which uses Semantic Forms to simplify page creation and listings for users who aren't very comfortable with computers, as well as for searching.

I also operated the County of Brant Public Library Digital Collections, which contains digitized original historical documents and photos from the County.

Currently, I don't operate any SMW sites.

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Has coordinates43° 11' 39" N, 80° 23' 4" WLatitude: 43.194101
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Has countryCanada +
Has roleSMW administrator +
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