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This is a property of type Page. It uses the default form Extension.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Semantic Result Formats
  • Semantic Forms
  • Semantic Forms Inputs
  • Semantic Drilldown
  • Halo
  • Semantic Maps
  • Semantic Tasks
  • Semantic Internal Objects
  • Data Transfer
  • Semantic Compound Queries
  • Semantic Extra Special Properties

Pages using the property "Covers extension"

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DateTime +Semantic MediaWiki  +
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Displaying files +Semantic Forms  +
Displaying web site screenshot thumbnails with MediaWiki +Semantic Result Formats  +
Do not filter when asked only to sort +Semantic MediaWiki  +
Duration +Semantic MediaWiki  +
Dynamic default fields for Semantic Forms +Semantic Forms  +
Dynamic defaults for Semantic Forms +Semantic Forms  +


Exclusing in Inline Queries +Semantic MediaWiki  +


Import Book Records +Semantic Forms  +
ImproveInstallation +Semantic MediaWiki  +
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