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Date: March 25,2009, 2-6pm PDT
Location: Stanford University, Medical Center, Alway building, room M104(ground floor, on the Dean's courtyard). Map

The event registration is free.


Definitely attending[edit]

  • Jie Bao, RPI
  • Li Ding, RPI
  • Mark Greaves, Vulcan (Vulcan develops Halo, one of the most used SMW extensions)
  • Marco Neumann, KONA (SMW in context of collaborative ontology versioning e.g CIDOC CRM)
  • Peter Yim, CIM3
  • Denny Vrandecic, AIFB (Denny is one of the original inventors of Semantic MediaWiki)
  • Joel Natividad, TCG
  • Mark Beasley, TCG
  • Jack Park

Possibly attending[edit]

  • Sanjiva Nath, zAgile Inc.
  • Andrew Cowell, PNNL


time event
before 2pm lunch ?
2-3:45pm #presentation session what is happening in the semantic wiki community
3:45-4:00pm break
4-5:45pm #discussion session challenges to future semantic wiki
5:45-6:00pm conclusion

presentation session[edit]

we expect 5-10 minute talks/demos with feedback time. Please upload your presentation here.

  1. Halo Extension Demo, by Mark Greaves. slides: Media:smw-meetup-mark.pdf
  2. Wikidsmart Demo, by Sanjiva Nath
  3. From SMW to rule, by Jie Bao
  4. SMW based Web Application Model, by Li Ding.

discussion session[edit]

please add new topic or add your comments (with name) under the topic

usability challenges

  • performance tuning, esp. template + query
  • training and education
  • spreadsheet

research challenges

  • named entity vs. anonymous instance

Audio Archive[edit]

Here's a Livescribe archive of the session - QuickTime (67.1mb)

Be sure to download the QuickTime file instead of playing it in the browser to take advantage of the chapter markers. The markers will allow you to jump to the different sessions during the meetup.