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Developer(s) Yaron Koren
Maintained by organization
Sites that use this extension 15Mpedia,, 959 Nematode Genomes, ADEF, AIFB, AIRWiki, AWESOME, AWESOME Dissertation Environment, Aardnoot, AcaWiki, Advanced Video Collaboration Centre, Akvopedia, AliceSoftWiki, AllAmps, Amical Wikimedia, Ani-Jobs, Animanga Wiki, Antique Jewelry University, Appropedia, AquariaWiki, Architecture Experiment, Ardorado, ArtWiki, ArthropodBase Wiki, Artist Organized Art Commons,, Asian Canadian Wiki, Atlasmuseum, Auswiki, AutoBiblia, Autonome, Awa,, B3OK, BASESwiki, BPedia, BabelWiki, BeKnotty, Beachapedia, Benchmarkingforum, Benidormense.Info,, Bilgive, BioPolicyWiki, Bioinformatics Core CRG, Bioinformatics.Org, BiomedGT Wiki, Biostatistics Annual Report, Blldzr, … further results
Feature requests for this extension Dynamic default fields for Semantic Forms, Import Book Records, Partial template, Wyswyig for semantic forms freetext
Tips for this extension Attach a numerical index to instances of a multiple template, Avoiding newlines between template calls, Create a quick index to Categories, Forms and Templates, Date formatting, Display form checkboxes in an orderly table, Display instructions for each option on a form, Displaying files, Dynamic defaults for Semantic Forms, Multiple image uploads, Nested templates and partial forms, Pass values to a form in order to dynamically change its content / layout, Provide a link to create a page with a form from a failed search, Semantic Forms for selecting Categories, Setting a minimum mandatory number of multiple instance templates, Simple Semantic File Management, Using Semantic Forms for file pages and uploads, Using forms to create a fillable table

Allows users to add and edit data contained in template calls, using forms.