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Site(s) run
Role(s) SMW user
Blog URL
Email address shockeymoe-at-gmail.com
IM information
City Winnipeg
State Manitoba
Country Canada

New to wikis, semantics, you name it... I don't know it. But I'm a quick study and the wiki semantic combination fits my need to a tee. I was going to abandon my wiki because I thought the kind of relationships I needed to indicate in my wiki would be too cumbersome using categories alone. The jury is still out but I am pleased to date.

Facts about "TerryW"RDF feed
Has cityWinnipeg +
Has coordinates49° 53' 34" N, 97° 8' 35" WLatitude: 49.892824
Longitude: -97.14313
Has countryCanada +
Has email addressshockeymoe-at-gmail.com +
Has roleSMW user +
Has stateManitoba +