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Site(s) run
Role(s) SMW user, SMW administrator
Blog URL
Email address jamie -at-
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City Minneapolis
State Minnesota
Country United States

My name is Jamie Thingelstad. You can find me at my blog. I've gotten the MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki bug and now run my own WikiFarm with a number of wikis. Some are open to anyone to work with, some are closed and private. I also contribute on a number of other wikis. You can see a river of all my contributions across all the wikis I have accounts on.

My Wikis

Click on the 🐝 to see the WikiApiary profile for each wiki.

WikiApiary 🐝
Monitoring the MediaWiki universe.
Planet Kubb Wiki 🐝
Definitive resource for Kubb.
Kernest Wiki 🐝
Wiki of openly licensed fonts.
link_thing 🐝
My personal bookmarking wiki.
minne✱ Wiki 🐝
Wiki for minne✱ events.
CCChecklist 🐝
Collection of Creative Commons licensed Checklists.
Wikinosh 🐝
An editable database of nutrition facts for food.
Big Green Wiki 🐝
Community created information about the Big Green Egg.
Road Sign Math 🐝
Mathematically significant road signs from around the world.
100 Startup Ideas 🐝
Collection of startup ideas from Garrick Van Buren and Jamie.
R/W Book Club 🐝
Official wiki of R/W Book Club.
TOS Redux 🐝
Translating legalese of terms of service to something normal people can understand.
wiki_thing 🐝
My personal wiki that I use for a variety of things.
MediaWiki Cookbook 🐝
Collections of recipes and wiki pages to create complex solutions using MediaWiki.
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