XiangRu Ma

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Site(s) run 计算生物学维基百科
Role(s) SMW user, Implementor of SMW on others' wikis, SMW developer
Homepage http://bio.cug.edu.cn/wiki/User:Pegasus
Blog URL http://bio.cug.edu.cn/wiki/User:Pegasus
Email address XiangRuMa@gmail.com
IM information User:Pegasus
City Wuhan
State Hubei
Country China


Facts about "XiangRu Ma"RDF feed
Has IM informationUser:Pegasus
Has blog URLhttp://bio.cug.edu.cn/wiki/User:Pegasus +
Has cityWuhan +
Has coordinates30° 31' 18" N, 114° 24' 17" ELatitude: 30.5216591277
Longitude: 114.404733181
Has countryChina +
Has email addressXiangRuMa@gmail.com +
Has roleSMW user +, Implementor of SMW on others' wikis + and SMW developer +
Has stateHubei +
Has websitehttp://bio.cug.edu.cn/wiki/User:Pegasus +